NewBlue Stylizers 5 Ultimate ESD


NewBlue Stylizers 5 Ultimate ESD

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NewBlue Stylizers 5 Ultimate ESD

Give the Impression of Movement

Motion Blur gives the impression of movement by blurring and blending object location differences from frame to frame.

Create a Sense of Eeriness

Use distortion effects to fog your image and give it a sense of eeriness with Ghost.

Mimic the Effect of Rippling Water

Create a series of concentric circles to mimic the effect of rippling water over your image with Ripple.

Create a Hypnotic Spiral

Spin Blur adds a hypnotic spiral to your video by creating a series of circles with concentric centers that rapidly spin and move across the screen.

Transform Your Colors

Expand, soften, and blend the colors of your image to create a bright, lava lamp look with Color Melt.

Create a Line Drawing

Convert your image into a series of dots and lines with Line Drawing, darkening the edges of the objects in your picture.

Replicate a Pastel Painting

Transform your footage into a pastel painting with Pastel Sketch. Use color replacement and inked edges to replace the reality of your footage with a hand drawn sketch.

Add a Hypnotic Edge

Add dimensional illumination to the center of your image and give your footage a hypnotic edge with Spinning Light.

Bend Your Lighting

Light Bender plays with the radiation and highlights of your original image to create curved flares and shifts in movement into the next scene.

Simulate Dramatic Light

Simulate dramatic light with angled beams that flicker throughout the image to create a powerful sense of illumination with Light Rays.

Add Suspense to Your Footage

Psycho Strobe generates bright flashes and colored light to amplify any movement or action, heightening the suspense of your video.

Create a Shimmery Effect

Starlight accentuates the highlight areas of your image with specks of rotating light for a shimmery and whimsical effect.


Stylizers Illuminate

Create beautiful atmospheric effects or intensify your lighting to add anticipation to your footage. Simulate dramatic lighting and amplify movement to heighten the suspense of your scene.

Stylizers Excite

Inject energy and motion into your story with hypnotic spirals and camera shakes. Quickly create a sense of eeriness with powerful blurs and distortion effects.

Stylizers Imagine

Transform your footage into a moving piece of art with a range of artistic-inspired effects. Replicate a water color painting, emulate a pastel sketch, or convert your image into a series of dots and lines to replace the reality of your scene.

Cartoonr Plus

Instantly give your footage a comic-book look with sharp edges and surreal color palettes. Emulate a rich cell animation and transform your footage into an animated cartoon.

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