NewBlue ColorFast 2 ESD


NewBlue ColorFast 2 ESD

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NewBlue ColorFast 2 ESD

ColorFast 2 delivers a color correction suite designed to bring out the most in your footage.Choose from one of the 65 presets to gain a quick film look or use the built-in controls to buildyour own look from scratch. Control color balance, color levels, create skin and shape masks oruse the region scope to stay on top of your color range. Leverage highlight, shadow and midtonemasks to adjust color range. Use spread and blend sliders to control the color correction harshness. Finalize your project with Output Correction controls to fine tune the saturation, exposureand brightness of your final composition.

Key Features:

  • 65 Presets
  • Primary Color Correction
  • White Balance Control
  • White Tweak Control
  • Hue Shift- Saturation controls
  • Film Gamma controls
  • Secondary Correction
  • Highlight/Midtone/Shadow Control
  • Range Adjuster
  • Skin Mask Blend Options
  • Shape Mask Blend Options
  • Output Correction- Region Scopes

Key Benefits:

  • Choose from over 65 presets for a quick film look.
  • Perform primary color correction with a set of concise controls.
  • Correct white balance with just a few clicks.
  • Fine tune your white balance by warming up or cooling down your image further after white balancing.
  • Shift your colors across the spectrum with the new Hue control.
  • Crush blacks with Film Gamma adjustments
  • Expanded Level ranges for greater luminance adjustments in the highlight, midtone and shadow areas.
  • Increase or decrease area sensitivity and blend behavior with range adjuster
  • Reduce the impact and transparency of your applied skin masks.
  • Control the strength and opacity of shape masks for creative vignettes or selective correction.
  • Finalize your scene with overall Output Correction to apply final touches.
  • Stay within your color range with built-in Region Scopes by analyzing your whole image or a specified portion.
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