NewBlue Cinema Collection ESD


NewBlue Cinema Collection ESD



NewBlue Cinema Collection ESD

The NewBlue Cinema Collection for Titler Pro delivers 17 versatile 3D, animated main titles that instantly provide outstanding results.

Improve Your Production

Transform your production with exquisite, textured main titles designed to capture high-end cinematic openers. Spark your creativity or choose the perfect fit for your production.

17 Cinematic Titles to Choose From

Choose from 17 pre-made titles that include everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to The Walking Dead, all designed to give your production a distinctive and remarkable look.

The Freedom to Customize

Have a specific look in mind? Every title is completely customizable, giving you the freedom to alter the shape, colors, fonts and animation to fit your production needs.

Designed with Perfection

Each template features dynamic motion graphics, multiple style layers, diverse textures and 3-dimensional depth. Whether you’re going for a shiny or textured look, each title is designed with superior quality down to the last detail.

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