Hive Lighting Hornet 200-CX Open Face Omni-Color LED Light


Hive Lighting Hornet 200-CX Open Face Omni-Color LED Light

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Hive Lighting Hornet 200-CX Open Face Omni-Color LED Light

Same output, same quality, same colors. New Price.

Using only 150 Watts, the HORNET 200-CX is equivalent to a 650 ??? 1000W incandescent and 2.5X brighter than the Wasp 100-CX. The 200-CX can run off a battery or universal wall power, weighs just 2.2 lbs, and is compatible with hundreds of accessories.

Incredible high fidelity multi-chip LED arrays

Our 7 and 5 color arrays use a combination of secondary and tertiary colored LEDs to create a more complete and even spectrum than traditional RGBW.

Ultra bright full spectrum white light

A proprietary algorithm combines multiple different colors into a brilliant white-balanced light. Quickly access the entire color temperature with accurate full-spectrum tones.

Billions of saturated color combinations

Match any source in the world with a wide gamut of color options. Full hue and saturation controls give you the ultimate ability to create an immersive lighting experience.

Perfect curves solved for your sensor

Adjust for different shooting situations by using white-light curve profiles engineered for different camera sensors to make sure color rendering is as accurate as possible.

Quickly swap between hundreds of Light Modifiers

As a bright point source with bayonett mounts on the face and Profoto?? compatability, easily move between a wide variety of light modifiers including reflectors, fresnels, soft boxes, beauty dishes, and more.

Match any source in the world.

Billions of color combinations combined with 12,000 Lumens of sharp ultra-bright output make the Hornet 200-CX one of the most versatile lights ever built.

The Free Hive SHOT gives you complete control over the Hornet 200-CX via bluetooth.

Quickly pick from billions of colors and effects. Lights can be controlled individually, or grouped together to create limitless lighting possibilities. Quickly access over 100 preset sources, gels, and animated lighting effects. Build custom lighting palletes.

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