Bescor Twin 88 Bulb 95W LED Studio Light Kit


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Bescor Twin 88 Bulb 95W LED Studio Light Kit

The??Bescor LED-95DK Dual LED Light Kit??is a great way for videographers on the run to light interviews, events or spot news.

Performance of the 88 LEDs been enhanced over the earlier model of the light, boosting the output to 410 lumens or the equivalent of approximately 105W. The 20 oz featherweight, 6,500K daylight-balanced fixtures have a 1/4″-20 tap for the included 78.86″ stands and will take stand mounts and other accessories that match that thread. Power options include the provided 110V AC adapter or 6 optional AA batteries which provide up to 2.5 hours of run time.

Enhanced Features

  • Improved form fitting diffusion filter reduces glare and can be popped out.
  • Filter translucence has been recalibrated for a brighter output
  • Improved filter has been designed for maximum flexibility.
  • Improved face mold with multiple internal support improvements.
  • All internal support posts have been reinforced on all four sides.
  • The plug on the AC adapter has been reset for a smoother and steadier input and output.
  • 1/4″-20 light mounting screw has been reinforced.
  • More efficient circuit design.
  • Redesigned dimmer system.
  • Circuit board for LED bulbs re-designed. Bulbs are mounted on a mirrored reflector.
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