Bescor 12V 1.5A Automatic SLA Charger




Bescor 12V 1.5A Automatic SLA Charger

The??Bescor ATM-PRU Automatic Universal Charger??(12V, 1.5A) is an automatic “smart” battery charger that’s universally compatible (with optional adapter). The ATM-PRU will charge the Bescor??PRB series??battery belts and shoulder packs. The charger’s universal plug-in feature allows it to be used “worldwide” in 110-240VAC. It is also designed to automatically stop the charge cycle once the battery is fully charged.??

Automatic Shut-Off

For worry-free battery maintenance, the ATM-PRU charger will sense when the battery has reached maximum charge status and shut off automatically??

Universal Worldwide Plug-In

Compatibility worldwide with 110-240VAC outlets

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