Bescor MP101, TH770, Battery & RE20AC Kit


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Bescor MP101, TH770, Battery & RE20AC Kit

The??Bescor MP-PRO Motorized Pan & Tilt Head Total Package Kit??the MP-101 Motorized Pan & Tilt Head, TH-770 tripod with integrated video head, 90-645 extended run-time battery, ATM-X dual function AC adapter/battery charger, and RE-20 20 ft extension for the remote control included with the MP-101. The tripod features a 15 lb load capacity and comes with a carry case.??

  • MP-101 Motorized Pan & Tilt Head??

The??Bescor MP-101 Motorized Pan & Tilt Head??attaches between a tripod and camera and enables remote panning and tilting of the camera. Two independent motors smoothly operate horizontal and vertical motion at adjustable speeds. The head supports payloads up to 6 lb. The two mounting points are the 1/4″-20 tripod threads underneath and the 1/4″-20 camera mounting screw with registration pin on top. All tripods and cameras are compatible.

An Auto Pan Mode allows for continuous panning motion, and a switch selector lets you assign end points at 45??, 90??, or 340??. The maximum horizontal angle is ??170 degrees, and the maximum vertical angle is ??15 degrees. This head can be powered by four AA batteries, the Bescor PS-260 AC power supply, or a Bescor 90-645 external battery, all sold separately.

  • Enables panning and tilting of a camera remotely at adjustable speeds
  • Attaches between a tripod and camera
  • 1/4″-20 threads for tripod, 1/4″-20 screw mount for camera
  • 6 lb payload
  • Remote control included


  • TH-770 High Performance Tripod System??

The??Bescor TH-770??is a high performance tripod system for mid-sized camcorders up to 15 lbs. It features lightweight portability and a camera plate with long travel. This kit comes with a tripod and head combo with a carry case.

Mid-Level Spreader

This system comes with a mid-level spreader for support security on uneven surfaces.


This kit offers a carry case for portability.


  • 90-645 Extended External Battery??

The??Bescor 90-645 Extended External Battery??is a 6 V/4.5 A rechargeable lead acid battery for use with Bescor’s LED-70 on-camera LED Light. The battery features 4 hours of run time.

6 V/4.5 A rechargeable lead acid battery

For use with LED-70 / LED-60X / LED-95DK2 on-camera LED Light

4 hours of run time


  • ATM-X Automatic Charger (650-mAh)??

The??ATM-X??is an automatic “smart” battery charger. Designed to automatically stop the charge cycle once the battery is fully charged. The ATM-X will charge Bescors compact 6V??X series??batteries.

The ATM-X will charge all:

  • X batteries
  • XC batteries
  • XL batteries
  • XP batteries
  • XV batteries????

Auto Shut-Off

The ATM-X battery charger offers perfect maintenance charging. When the battery has reached ultimate charge status, the charger shuts off automatically.


  • RE-20 20′ Extension Cord for MP-101 Pan Head Remote Control??

The??Bescor RE-20??extension affords 20′ (609.6 cm) of additional separation from the MP-101 remote pan head to its remote control.



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