Bescor Dual 300W LED Studio Kit


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Bescor Dual 300W LED Studio Kit

This is a set of two upgraded??Bescor LED-200K??light panels and stands. The upgrade has transformed these lights to include 304 5mm LEDs each. Each panel now provides a 300W equivalent output with a 5500K color temperature.??

When you receive these lights, you will find an “LED-300K” label on them instead of “LED-200K,” but this is only to indicate that they are the upgraded version. As part of the upgrade, two orange correction filters have been included in addition to the existing soft white diffusers. The light stands offer a maximum height of 74″. The two panels total to approximately 6 lb.????

Key Features

?????????????? Two LED light panels and two stands with a max height of 74″

?????????????? 304 5mm LEDs, 300W equivalent output per panel

?????????????? 5500K color temperature

?????????????? 15-100% brightness dimmer

?????????????? Two soft white diffusers and two orange correction filters included

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