Tangent Ripple Color Correction Panel


Tangent Ripple Color Correction Panel

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Tangent Ripple Review
by ProVideo Coalition

Tangent Ripple Color Correction Panel

Color correct and grade with speed and precision using The Ripple Color Correction Panel from Tangent. With three dedicated trackerballs and rotary encoders in a small USB-connected form factor, The Ripple offers a convenient tactile coloring solution which many professionals will find superior to mouse gestures in software.

On the software side, The Ripple is supported by the Tangent Mapper. Tangent Mapper allows you to customize the control layout to fit your application. Application support is determined by compatibility with Tangent Hub. Any application which supports Tangent Hub is compatible with The Ripple right out of the box. Other applications will require custom layouts.


  • 3 trackerballs with dials for masters
  • High resolution optical pick-ups for the balls and dials
  • Independent reset buttons for the balls and dials
  • Programmable A and B buttons
  • USB powered with integral cable
  • Light weight & compact size



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