SmallHD 500 Series Monitor Cable Lock


SmallHD 500 Series Monitor Cable Lock



SmallHD 500 Series Monitor Cable Lock

Use the 500 Series Monitor Cable Lock from SmallHD to protect your monitor’s SDI ports from damage and to hold its HDMI cables in place. Try as we might, there’s always a risk of someone or something yanking on monitor cables and damaging the monitor’s connectors. This cable lock reduces the chance of both losing your monitor view while shooting, and of incurring a pricey monitor repair. Features include a large thumbscrew to secure the lock to the monitor, two HDMI port surrounds, and two BNC (SDI) cable supports. The 500 Series Monitor Cable Lock comes with one 48″ thin BNC to BNC cable, and two 36″ HDMI to HDMI cables.

Compatible SmallHD Monitors

  • 501
  • 502


  • Protects your monitor’s cable ports from damage, supports cables in place
  • One 48″ thin BNC/BNC cable, and two 36″ HDMI/HDMI cables are included
  • Easily attaches via thumbscrew to the back of the monitor
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