Salrayworks C-K200 PTZ Control Keyboard


Salrayworks C-K200 PTZ Control Keyboard

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Salrayworks C-K200 PTZ Control Keyboard

High-quality control of PTZ functions
P : 24 steps
T : 23 steps
Z : 16 steps

It???s easy to achieve professional looking productions, with joystick adjustment of pan and tilt, plus zoom control either via joystick or a separate seesaw lever. Adjustable speed control of PTZ allows smooth, acurate camera movements.

Control up to 16 cameras

The remote controller allows control of pan, tilt, zoom and other functions of up to 256 cameras.

Swing/Pattern/Group functions up to 8 functions

A sequence of camera moves can be stored for instant recall whenever required. Available to set up to 8 of swing, 8 of pattern and 8 of group functions.

Store and recall camera presets up to 255

Up to 255 presets (camera angles and settings) can be stored recalled instantly via the numeric keypad, saving time in multiple camera set-ups.

Tally indicator

Includes Normal Tally/On-Air Tally/Contact Modes

Adjust camera paint functions

Color related settings ??? including black levels, white balance, detail level, auto exposure level, iris, gain and shutter speed ??? can be adjusted directly without needing to use the camera menus.

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