Reckeen ADB100 Audio Module


Reckeen ADB100 Audio Module

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Reckeen ADB100 Audio Module

ADB-100 is an additional, external audio module expanding functionalities of Reckeen 3D and LITE Virtual Studio. ADB-100 module was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding clients. The device is equipped with professional inputs and connections with the highest AES / EBU signal quality (AES3). It works well in all kind of locations: at home, in a control room, in a studio, in an outside broadcast van, or on a stage, providing the highest and professional sound quality, without any distortions.

Technical specifications:

  • 4x XLR channels ??? two professionally balanced stereo analogue audio differential inputs
  • 4x XLR channels ??? two professionally balanced stereo analogue audio differential output
  • High quality headphones output
  • 2x digital inputs: AES/EBU (AES3)
  • 2x digital outputs: AES/EBU (AES3)
  • Audio Link connector ??? for RJ45 cable up to 50 m, equipped with galvanic isolation
  • ??-inch microphone input ??? professionally balanced stereo analogue audio differential input for dynamic and condenser microphone

Integration with Reckeen Virtual Studios

Easy-to-manage application integrated with the Reckeen Virtual 3D Studio & Lite enables precise control over ADB-100 device. Intuitive operation of the system and signal routing make this preamp extremely versatile and performing well with many types of recordings.

When the ADB-100 is connected to Reckeen 3D and LITE Virtual Studio, the system will automatically recognize the module, and an audio mixer for this device will automatically be displayed on a monitor.

Audio Link

With its built-in Audio Link interface, this device can be installed in a separate location to the virtual studio module. The use of RJ 45 cable and Audio Link technology enables transferring all inputs and outputs stream to greater distances (with a single RJ45 cable). This way, for example, we are able to place the audio module in a recording studio, instead of in a control room, where Reckeen Studio 3D or Lite station would be installed. The sound transferred digitally from ADB-100 device through RJ 45 connector maintains the highest quality and avoids noise.

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