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Padcaster Verse Vlogger

The Padcaster Verse Vlogger is the perfect video solution for vloggers or anyone else wishing to create high quality video on their phone with superior audio and stabilization. It includes the Padcaster Verse Grip, G-Pod and Mini Microphone.??

The Verse Vlogger revolves around the Padcaster Verse Grip, the first all-in-one mobile video support built for any smartphone. With a range from over five inches down to two, you can lock in any size phone – with or without a case – and you???re instantly ready to shoot.

Verse Grip has three integrated cold shoe mounts so you can add mics and lights without buying extra mounting gear. Verse???s ergonomic design lets you easily shoot photos or videos with one hand. And with an integrated 1/4-20 tripod thread, you can use the Verse Grip with any standard tripod or other support.

In addition to the Verse Grip, the Verse Vlogger includes the Padcaster G-Pod – an infinitely flexible tripod that doubles as a hand grip for extending your reach or taking selfie videos.

Padcaster???s self-powered Mini Microphone cuts through the noise and delivers excellent sound.?? With both TRS cable and TRRS output cable included, it can be used with mobile devices, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs and more. Also included is a shock mount to reduce unwanted handling noise, a thick outdoor windscreen to ensure you???ll be heard clearly even in windy environments and dual microphone/headphone splitter so you can record and monitor your sound at the same time.

  • Compatible with any Apple, Android or other smartphone
  • Compatible with??phones from five inches down to two
  • Ultra-compact Verse Grip
  • Three (3) built in cold shoes
  • G-POD ultra-flexible grip and ball-head tripod in one
  • Mini Microphone
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