Nimbus WiMi5200 – Wireless HD/3G-SDI System


Nimbus WiMi5200 – Wireless HD/3G-SDI System

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Nimbus WiMi5200 – Wireless HD/3G-SDI System by H.264 with Zero Latency (30ms)

Wireless HD/3G-SDI by H.264 Encoder/Transmitter, Decoder/Receiver with Zero Latency(30ms), 4 x 6dBi bar antennas, SONY NP battery holder, DCA12m, 600m coverage

Characteristics of WiMi5200

Full HD sender (Ethernet or Wireless)
H.264 (MPEG-4 Parts10 : AVC)
Baseline Profile with level 4.2
Zero delay (10ms), end-to-end (30ms), H.264 engine
Transmission of 1080p60 3G-SDI over Wi-Fi
Video formats of DTV Spec
Small Form Factor
WiMi5200 (w/ Antenna): 258 x 68 x 25 (mm), 310g
WiMi5200 (Main Body): 118 x 68 x 25 (mm), 260g
Live streaming from Camcorder over Wi-Fi
Full HD live streaming over Wi-Fi
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