NewBlue Titler Pro 7 Basic (Upgrade from Titler Pro 1-6 Base Edition) ESD


NewBlue Titler Pro 7 Basic (Upgrade from Titler Pro 1-6 Base Edition) ESD

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NewBlue Titler Pro 7 Basic (Upgrade from Titler Pro 1-6 Base Edition) ESD

Titler Pro 7 is our highest performing, most flexible post production titling solution yet. Featuring the fully re-tooled NTX engine and a host of new features, this powerful tool lets you create rich, high-quality titles and graphics while saving critical production time.

Unleash your creativity with over 500 beautiful new title designs, import existing graphics, or design your own from scratch with the fully-featured Title Designer. Take your story to the next level with the robust library of pre-built animations, transitions and visual effects.

Titler Pro 7 integrates with all of today???s leading NLEs; use it as a plugin within your preferred video editing software, or as a standalone application.



One of the most exciting new things in Titler Pro 7 is the entirely re-tooled NTX engine, designed for faster-than-ever performance and next-level flexibility. Faster, lighter compression now allows titles to be stored using less memory while simultaneously improving image quality and achieving real-time playback. This powerful new engine lets you move as fast as the changes that challenge any post production schedule.


Work smarter with Titler Pro 7???s new intelligent design controls for optimum versatility. These include:

  • Simple, Smooth Rolling Credits – this game-changing new technology overcomes the common industry problem of flickering text edges. Take the complexity out of the high-quality credit rolls with just a few simple controls, all within your editor.
  • Object Following ??? not sure if your lower third will need to fit 10 characters or 50? No problem. Pick the title layer of your choice and set the rest of the design to follow suit. The other title layers will dynamically adjust scale and position based on changes made to the ???lead??? layer, eliminating the need for manual modification.
  • Style Breaks ??? now when you apply separate styles ??? like font, color and thickness ??? to different words within a text box, Titler Pro can remember those style settings as the text is edited, automatically applying the style changes based on a setting of your choice.
  • Loopable Assets – set any object or layer to loop with specific start and end points inlcuding delay time between loops, allowing your titles to animate for any specified duration.
  • New Elastic Controls – we???ve reworked our Elastic Timeline to make it easier than ever for title animations to dynamically follow your trim points, allowing you to have multiple title durations from a single design.
  • Refreshed Title List ??? multi-title management, simplified. Set a design to be used by each title and enjoy time-saving workflows for editing multiple titles at once.
  • Data Graphics ??? convey numerical data in beautiful graphs, charts and more. Simply type in your values and watch your infographic animate to express your data on screen.


Titler Pro???s 7 rich template collections have been upgraded with 500+ new, innovative template designs. Simply choose your template, customize it to fit your needs, and have professionally-designed graphics to elevate your production value in no time flat.

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