Litra Drone Body Mount


Litra Drone Body Mount

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Litra Drone Body Mount

Adjustable Drone Body Mount that is compatible with DJI Mavic 1, 2, Pro, Zoom Style Drones. Each package comes with 1 bracket that can be mounted to the bottom or top of drone.

Bottom Mount Position: In the bottom mount position 2 lights can be mounted on the left and right sides and adjusted to point to desired direction. If the drone has leg extensions, a 3rd light or additional camera can be mounted in the center of the bracket.

Top Mount Position: In the top mount position 1 light or camera can be mounted to the top of the drone. This can allow a user to point the light parallel to the drone in desired direction or point the light in upward direction to illuminate the underside of structures and objects … even another drone! The user can also mount a camera in desired to direction to capture a secondary point of view during flight.

  • The bracket is made with strong, light weight aircraft grade aluminum.
  • The bracket is secured to drone with a sturdy custom rubber lock ring.
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