Hollyland Syscom 1000T (4 Beltpacks)



  • Carrier-grade voice quality, 1000ft working range
  • 1.9GHz frequency band, supports frequency configuration for different territory
  • Full-duplex wireless communication
  • Base Station support up to 8 beltpacks simultaneous call, and one channel analog voice input/output to the switcher
  • The base station supports gooseneck Microphone, speaker, LEMO headset and 4-segment 3.5mm earphone call
  • Beltpacks, powered by built-in lithium battery, provide more than 8 hours of battery life
  • Base Station equipped with four external antennas
  • Support wireless Tally
  • 10-20V DC wide voltage input; 110-240 V AC input
  • Support U-flash disk or USB automatic upgrade
  • Stable and reliable industrial metal shell
  • Provides a full list of accessories
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Hollyland Syscom 1000T (4 Beltpacks)

This Wireless Intercom System contains 1 base station, supports up to 8 beltpacks and wireless Tally. It also supports one channel analog voice input and output. The system can seamlessly communicate with the voice and tally ports of the universal switcher with its wireless Tally distribution.

The Base Station supports AC & DC wide voltage power supply. Each beltpack is powered by rechargeable lithium battery, easy to carry, and the customer can use any number from the 8 beltpacks according to the need.



Product Name Hollyland Syscom 1000T (4 Beltpacks)
SKU HL-Syscom-1000T-4B
Manufacturer Hollyland
MAP Price $4,580.00
Weight 15.0000
Inventory Date Updated May 17,2019
Inventory Time Updated 9:00 AM EST


What’s Included

1x Base Station

6x 1.9G High-Gain Base Station Antenna

4x Beltpack

4x Type C Cable

5x LEMO professional moving-coil side ear headset

1x AC Power Cable

1x Gooseneck Microphone

1x User Manual

1x Beltpack Charger

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