Hive Lighting Killer Plasma Maxi PAR Light Kit


Hive Lighting Killer Plasma Maxi PAR Light Kit



Hive Lighting Killer Plasma Maxi PAR Light Kit

An all-inclusive kit characterized by a unique lighting technology, the Killer Plasma Maxi PAR Light Kit from Hive Lighting pairs two Wasp Plasma PAR light heads with two 15′ header cables, a multi-voltage 90-300 VAC dual power supply, two four-piece PAR lens sets, two five-piece scrim sets, two four-leaf barndoor sets, a double header stand mount, and a two-light hard rolling case for traveling with and protecting the whole kit.

  • Wasp Dual Power Supply (90-300 VAC)

    This Wasp Dual Power Supply from Hive Lighting is a multi-voltage, 90-300 VAC power source for Wasp fixtures. Its dual design is compatible with two fixtures at a time and an inline switch offers convenient on/off control of both lights from a single point.

  • Wasp PAR HDP 4 Lens Set

    Designed for the Hive Lighting Wasp Plasma PAR light, the Wasp PAR HDP 4 Lens Set includes narrow, medium, wide, and super wide lenses for controlling the light’s beam angle and shape. These lenses are constructed from holographic diffusing polycarbonate (HDP) and are designed to imitate traditional glass PAR lenses, but have 20% higher transmission and are vibration and shatter resistant.

  • Wasp 5-Piece Scrim Set

    This Wasp 5-Piece Scrim Set from Hive Lighting allows you to selectively reduce the light intensity of the Wasp Plasma Light. The kit contains two single scrims, two double scrims, one 1/2 single scrim, one 1/2 double scrim and a scrim bag. Scrim diameter is 6.5″. The set also fits the Bee light fixture.

  • Wasp 4-Leaf Barndoor Set

    The Wasp 4-Leaf Barndoor Set by Hive is compatible with all Wasp lighting fixtures; they attach to the front, and are used to restrict and shape the light. Additionally, the set can rotate 360° and accepts grids and filters.

  • Killer Double Header Stand Mount (Black)

    With a shape similar to a football goal post, the black Killer Double Header Stand Mount from Hive is designed to hold and combine 2 Bee or Wasp light units. Simply mount the Killer Double Header to your light stand with the Baby mounting receiver located on the bottom, and then attach your lights to the baby light studs on either end. Made of strong, black, oxidized steel, the Killer Double Header is built to last.

  • Wasp Two Light Hard Rolling Case

    Transport and protect two lights and accessories from your Hive Kit with the black, Two Light Hard Rolling Case from Hive Lighting. The injection molded case with custom-fit foam is designed for Hive Killer and Bumblebee Lighting Kits. The foam inside is cut to hold the above kits but can be removed to suit your needs. This gasketed, waterproof, airtight case is designed to be unbreakable due to its high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin construction. Submersible by design, the Wasp hard case is resistant to corrosion and damage upon impact.

    Featuring a continuous hinge molded into the plastic, the case lacks a weak point. The pressure equalization valve will aid in any necessary shipment, as it will release pressure without letting any water into the case. Along with the trigger release latch system, your two light kit will be secure in nearly every kind of transit condition. Additional security is provided by two reinforced steel locking holes preventing any cutting or clipping.

    For added convenience when transporting your kit, the Hive Hard Case has a wide set of built-in inline wheels complimented by an injection molded pull handle. To balance a heavy load, utilize either the top snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handle or the over-sized double grip carrying handle on the side. If you need to carry the case with another person, it is equipped with grip handles on each end. After setting up your lights on set or location, easily stack your hard cases on top of each other to maximize your production space.


    • Ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin
    • UV, solvent, corrosion, and fungus resistant
    • Complete gasket seal makes these cases watertight
    • IP67 rated, automatic pressure equalization valve
    • Resistant to corrosion and impact damage
    • Continuous molded-in hinge
    • Patented “trigger release” TSA Locking Latch system

    Carrying Options

    • Snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handle
    • Oversized double-grip carrying handle
    • Grip handles on each end for two people to carry
    • Injection molded pull handle
    • Wide set of wheels

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