Fortinge PROPLAY-DV ForPlay (CD Version)


Fortinge PROPLAY-DV ForPlay (CD Version)

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Fortinge PROPLAY-DV ForPlay (CD Version)

Multi format playout server.

Multiformat Playout is served to the market with its innovative features. The software part is designed and developed according to easy use. The system is compatible with satellite, inland and web based television main controllers, regie and platform tv stations. It can run SD/HD and 4K playlists together.

Main Features

  • Userfirendly interface
  • Consists of 8 buttons like Play, Stop, Pause, Next, Previous, Cue, Clip Loop and Playlist Loop
  • News mode; can stop at the end of each video,
  • Logo insert choice for PNG 1920×1080,
  • Trim; Cut, Preview, Trim sound
  • Playlist save, load, append features,
  • Video nudge and drop,
  • Audio output level, preview.
  • Keep daily Log datas with time-date info,
  • Shortcut buttons;
  • Playing accordingly the vidoes that have different codec, format, aspect ratio and sounds in the same list,
  • Reading the files in English, Arabic, Chinese,
  • Do not add the videos that are unreadable or faulty,
  • Play the videos without tripping which are deleted after added to the list.
  • Play hundereds of videos in different formats,
  • NDI rendering feature,
  • It can be runned on a different computer without licence. Only the file path should be the same.
  • Windows Platform supported
  • Supported Video Formats
  • SD, HD, 4K play,
  • Supported formats; .mp4, .avi, mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .mov, .mxf, .mkv

Supported Video Cards

  • Blackmagic Design, AJA, BlueFish444, Stream Labs, Deltacast, Magewell
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