Cineroid LM200 On-Camera LED Light Kit (Set of 3)


Cineroid LM200 On-Camera LED Light Kit (Set of 3)

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Cineroid LM200 On-Camera LED Light Kit (Set of 3)

Compact & Lightweight

Cineroid on-camera lights provide high-power illumination for camcorders and DSLRs. They provide a perfect fill light in low-level situations. The small size, lightweight body convenient to carry anywhere and anytime is easy to utilize.

High Power LED Light

The LEDs used in Cineroid lights are rated for 50,000 hours use and have high CRI (Color Rendering Index) values. They provide a uniformly soft light for natural tones in both photo and video use.The light remains flicker-free throughout all brightness.

Set constant brightness and color temperature

Cineroid LM200 can control 0~100% steppless dimming and 2700??K~6500??K Color temperature with a dial on the back.This information displays on the back so you can control the lamps easily, quickly, and more accurately.

Compatible with Power Source

Cineroid LM200 provides External Power and also NPF L-type Battery.A Battery mount is included as a set. You can use it as a battery or HOT SWAP. You can use one 6600mA Battery for a two hours maximum.

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