Cineroid FL1600 Flexible LED Light (Ballast without V-Mount)


Cineroid FL1600 Flexible LED Light (Ballast without V-Mount)

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Cineroid FL1600 Flexible LED Light (Ballast without V-Mount)

Flexible LED Panel

The flexible Cineroid LED panel can cover more angles than regular lighting.Depending on the situations such as wide or short angles??light is needed the shape of panel can be changed.

Waterproof LED Panel

The Cineroid FL800S Flexible LED light is waterproof(with the exceptions of Controller FL). It can be used in situations where, the atmosphere is humid and in cases of rain. The surface can be washed with water.

X-Mount Barcket & Diffuser

FL800S is composed with X-Mount Bracket and a diffuser. The X-Mount Bracket is installed at each corners of the machine, making it easy to be mounted on a tripod while the diffuser can be attached or detached easily with Velcro.

Metal Ballast

Ballast is made of a metal material that is more durable and robust. The calculated color information is displayed in the LCD. Very?? easy, fast and brightness can be adjusted.

Support Gold or V battery mount

There are three types of Ballast compatible, and you can choose the controller that suits you. In Ballast with a battery mount, you can use the battery as a power source.

Multiple Function Ballast

When you do not use Ballast as a controller, you can charge the battery via external power. also USB 5V output is available via Ballast and DMX is built in.

High Power LED Light

We used high quality LED that can produce excellent color rendering index(higher than CRI 95) and 50,000 hours of lifespan. This LED can produce light without any flickering with stable brightness and color temperature semi-permanently of 3400Lux. It can produce balanced and soft color giving photographs and videos to have natural color tone.

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