Cineroid CL800 Full Color LED Light (Set of 3, No Battery Mount)


Cineroid CL800 Full Color LED Light (Set of 3, No Battery Mount)

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Cineroid CL800 Full Color LED Light (Set of 3, No Battery Mount)


Cineroid RGB LED light, marrying years of design and amp; manufacture experience with an exciting new technology. Packed within a conveniently-sized 24cm x 46cm design, there are 2,080 total LED diodes. These are split proportionately between Red, Green, Blue, Tungsten.

Durable Metal Body

Cineroid RGB LED panel can cover more angles than regular lighting. Depending on the situations such as wide or short angles light is needed the shape of panel can be change.

High Power LED Light

We used high quality LED that can produce excellent color rendering index(higher than CRI 95) and 50,000 hours of lifespan. This
LED can produce light without any flickering with stable brightness and color temperature semi-permanently of 3400Lux. It can produce balanced and soft color giving photographs and videos to have natural color tone.

RGB Display on Ballast

Ballast is made of a metal material that is more durable and robust. The calculated color information is displayed in the RGB display. Very easy, fast and accurate LED color and brightness can be adjusted.

Support Gold or V-Mount Batteries

There are three types of Ballast compatible with the CL800, and you can choose the controller that suits you. In Ballast with a battery mount, you can use the battery as a power source.

Various Applications

Daylight LEDs. When mixed, CL800 can reproduce a full spectrum of colours, in addition to the conventional tungsten to daylight
temperature range. Coupled with the advanced lighting controller, users can programme and amp; save custom.

Multiple Function Ballast

When you do not use Ballast as a controller, you can charge the battery via external power. also USB 5V output is available via Ballast and DMX is built in.

Soft RGB Light

Get the most value out of your production with our new RGB lights and give your footage the ultimate cinematographic flair. With the RGB panels in your bag you are prepared for almost every situation you will ever face in your career.

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