Angelbird Atomos Master Caddy 4K RAW (500GB)


Angelbird Atomos Master Caddy 4K RAW (500GB)

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Angelbird Atomos Master Caddy 4K RAW (500GB)

Angelbird‘s Atomos Master Caddy 4K RAW is an SSD designed to interface directly with Atomos Master Caddy products that support 4K video. This model has 500GB of storage, and will record high-resolution 4K as well as HD video. Atomos’s Shogun and Ninja series recorders in the Inferno, Flame, and Assassin categories will support these drives, and since they are self-contained, no assembly is required. 

Advanced construction includes TRIM memory management and ECC, ensuring stability and fast read/write speeds. The drives themselves are enclosed in CNC-machined housings which dissipate heat while protecting from impacts. Internally host-power loss protection ensures that in a case of sudden power loss recorded files are saved properly, reducing the chance of file corruption. When video needs to be offloaded insert the Master Caddy 4K RAW into a separately available SATA drive reader compatible with Master Caddy drives.


• Shogun
• Shogun Inferno
• Shogun Flame
• Ninja Assassin
• Ninja Flame

Drive Features

• Temperature sensor
• Overload protection
• EMS protection
• Adaptive thermal protection

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