Cubix Xpander Rackmount Elite – Gen3 (1600w) – Quiet Version


Cubix Xpander Rackmount Elite – Gen3 (1600w) – Quiet Version

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Cubix Xpander Rackmount Elite – Gen3 (1600w) – Quiet Version





External PCIe slot expansion system for 19″ rackmount cabinets (mobile carts or fixed cabinets)




    • Install blazing fast hardware acceleration within minutes


    • Four PCIe Gen3 x16 expansion slots (x16 electrical) PLUS two PCIe Gen3 x8 (physical and electrical) expannsion slots nin each Xpander Elite Rackmount system


    • Front panel LED status indicator


    • Up to four dual-slot graphics cards such as NVIDIA┬« Quadro 5000 / 6000 / K5000 / K6000


    • Up to four dual-slot GPU cards such as NVIDIA┬« Tesla C2075 / K20 / K40


    • Add up to 2x NVIDIA DVP cards, RED Rocket cards, Blackmagic Design Decklink, ATTO HBA, Fusion-io and other 3rd party 4-ch / 8-ch PCIe cards


    • An independent, 1500W power supply to meet any expansion requirement


    • 4x variable speed, temperature-controlled exhaust fans


    • Simple, quick installation with minimal impact per rack cabinet; just install a host adapter and a graphics driver


    • Each x16 cable and connector provide a 250 mating cycle duty cycle





    • Hardware acceleration without purchasing a customized PC workstation or a new Mac Pro (2008+)


    • Works with almost any standard PC and Apple Mac Pro featuring PCIe Gen2 / Gen 3 x16 open slot(s)


    • Add multiple graphics or GPU cards to any computer regardless of power supply limitations


    • Add multiple graphics or GPU cards without having to specify, purchase, install and configure new computers


    • No power or cooling needed from the host computer; Xpander Elite provides its own power and cooling


    • Whisper quiet operation minimizes sound baffling requirements on production sets


    • Less impact on mobile 19″ cabinets than a customized tower workstation


    • Connect two or more GPU-Xpander units to one computer (using two or more PCIe x16 slots available in the host computer)











The Xpander Rack Mount Elite Gen3 is a 4U, external PCI Express (PCIe) expansion chassis that can support 1 server / workstation connection with up to 4X 16-channel PCIe Gen3 high-performance dual-slot cards + 2x single-slot 8-channel I/O cards per system. Rackmount Elite Gen3 provides a high-bandwidth external slot array for applications ranging from NVIDIA Quadro SVS to onset production applications in Media & Entertainment (QF version recommended for Production apps). Support up to 16x HD or DCI 2K projectors, or up to four 4K (or UltraHD) monitors and projectors via NVIDIA SVS and G-Sync III. All Xpander Rackmount Elite systems include a 4-channel slot (power only) for use the NVIDIA G-Sync III card in high-end visualization applications. Each unit is 4U vertical height; includes 1500W power supply, variable speed exhaust fans, 2m data transfer cable + PCIe x16 Gen3 Host Interface Card, mounting hardware


    • Enhance server I/O infrastructure capabilities without adding servers


    • Hardware-acceleration using NVIDIA graphics and GPU cards for application acceleration 2X – 50X that of CPUs only.


    • Save space, weight and cost while increasing I/O card density





    • Install 4x dual-slot GPUs for blazing fast hardware acceleration purposes, as well as other types of 3rd party I/O controllers.


    • Four PCIe Gen 3 x16 expansion slots (all supporting both dual-slot and single-slot cards)+ 2x 8-channel per MIB (main interface board)


    • One MIBs per 4U, 19″ rack mount system


    • An independent 1500W power supply and cooling fan to meet almost any expansion requirement


    • Simple, quick installation with minimal impact per rackmount computer; install a HIC and drivers for devices you install in GPU-Xpander


    • Each x16 cable and connector provides a 250 mating cycle duty cycle (purchase additional x16 HICs for sharing with multiple host computers





    • Add four dual-slot GPUs for supporting rackmount computers which have very limited slot expansion capabilities and limited power supply capacities


    • Support one host PC or Apple Mac Pro workstation with one Xpander RackmountElite





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