IKAH IK-CAGII V-Mount Battery Plate Adapter Power Supply For CANON C300 MARKⅡ


  • V-Mount Battery Plate
  • To install, simply connect the DC power output cable to the DC-IN connector of Canon C300 MarkII, taking care not to trap the cable between plate and camera back.
  • The V-lock interface of IK-CAGII fits for all of prevailing v-lock battery in the worldwide circulation.
  • The IK-CAGII has a D-Tap DC-OUT connector that supplies power directly from the battery allowing the use of professional on-board camera lights or other accessories. Please note, this is a Max.50W output.
  • Dimensions: 82.5(W) x142(H) x 12(D)mm Weight: 180g approx D-Tap output voltage: 12~17V Included accessories: M3(8mm)screw x 6, Instruction Manual x 1
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The V-Mount Battery Plate For Canon C300. It allows you to attach V-Mount batteries to your Canon C300. The plate includes a D-Tap port for accessory power. ·Do not attempt to open or modify this unit. All work should be carried out by Rolux authorized service personnel only. ·Do not attach the RL-CAGII to any non-compatible video camera or equipment as it may cause defect, damage or other incidents. Please read this Instruction Manual carefully before use. ·When connecting a battery to the RL-CAGII, be sure to connect firmly. If it is not attached properly, it may result in loss or damage to the unit or even injury to user. ·Do not expose to , use or place the nuit in direct sunlight, extreme dust or other hazardous environments. ·A short between the plus(+) and minus(-) charge pins may cause fire, electrical shock or other incidents. ·Stop using immediately in case of abnormal smell, leak, color change or deformity during use.