Accusys SW16-G3 PCIe Switch


Accusys SW16-G3 PCIe Switch

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Accusys SW16-G3 PCIe Switch

The SW16-G3 is Accusys’ third generation PCIe switch. The newest addition to the world’s first and only PCIe SAN switch product line features PCIe 3.0 technology and includes 16 ports (12 client ports, 4 storage ports) enabling optimized scalability and large group collaborative workflows. With total performance reaching 10,000 MB/s and a storage capacity of up to 2,560 TB, the SW16-G3 is an essential for large workgroups in the rich media industry.

Large projects require large workgroups.

Collaboration is key with large projects and gut-wrenching time constraints. With the Master-Slave feature, users can combine two Accusys SW16-G3 switches, each offering 12 ports, to reach up to 24 clients. This translates optimized workflows and expedited projects.

Higher Bandwidth, Higher Performance
10000 MB/s
Double the capabilities of its predecessor, PCIe 3.0 technology offers performance speeds of up to 10,000 MB/s. The SW16-G3 incorporates PCIe 3.0 technology with powerful hardware to empower uses with a robust storage solution that expedites heavy workloads.

Optimize Collaboration with up to 12 Clients
When your small workgroup increases with your growing business, you need to stay connected. The SW16-G3 is equipped with 12 client ports allowing for large workgroup collaboration while maintaining high performance. The SW16-G3 offers universal compatibility with devices utilizing MAC, Windows, Linux operating systems.

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